Mietbedingungen von Göta Kanal Charter / Vättern Kanal Charter AB


The reservation becomes binding for the parties firstwhen the hirer has received confirmation and paid theadvance payment listed in the programme brochure. Bypaying the advance payment the hirer accepts all theconditions of the hire contract.The remaining sum, or in the case of short-term hire thewhole sum, shall be paid 40 days before using the boator on the day specified on the final invoice.When full payment is done the contract is valid for thecompany that owns the actual boat. This company isfrom the payment day responsible for fullfilling the theboat provider’s undertakings.Place and time for the hirer´s overtaking of the boat arespecified by the boat provider. If no place is specifiedwe will announce this later, at least 3 weeks before theovertaking of the boat. In case of occurrences beyondour influence the boat provider has the right to changethe direction until one day before departure.


Insurers charge Vättern Kanal Charter an excess withevery incident and also the cost of claims potentiallyforces up the premiums we pay. To encourage a duty ofcare from you, the Hirer, and to contribute to coveringthis cost we ask you to pay either:

Option 1: Non-refundable collision damage waiver
A charge of between EUR 90 and EUR 130 can be paidon arrival or at the time of booking. With this option youwill be fully covered if the boat or any of its equipment /inventory is returned damaged or lost, as well as costs ofany accidental damage or injury to any third parties (withthe exception of hire bikes – refer to clause 13 for detailsof bike theft waiver). This will not be the case if there isevidence of gross neglect, which is excluded from ourcover under our insurance policy. These charges do notalter the Hirer’s potential liability outlined in the insuranceparagraph above.

Option 2: Refundable damage deposit
On arrival at the base, you leave a refundable damagedeposit (up to EUR 1000 depending on boat/duration)which will only be exercised if the boat or any of itsequipment / inventory is returned damaged or lost, aswell as costs of any accidental damage or injury to anythird parties. This will not be the case if there is evidenceof gross neglect, which is excluded from our cover underour insurance policy.


A/Delivery time
The boat shall be provided at the agreed time. If the boatprovider, due to circumstances beyond his control, e.g.breakdown or delayed return by previous boat hirer, cannot provide the boat at the right time, the boat providershall: If possible make a similar boat available to thehirer or repay to the hirer that part of the hire correspondingto the delay.

The boat provider undertakes to hand over the boat andits complete equipment according to the inventory listclean and in working order to the hirer, as soon as thehirer has, by their signature, accepted the inventory list.The hirer confirms, through his/her signature, that the inventorylist is correct. Please note that the inventory doesnot include television, DVD player, electric coffee maker,electric kettle, GPS, binoculars and microwave oven.

The boat is protected by both hull insurance and thirdparty insurance (full charter insurance). The scope ofthe insurance and its value and excesses are decided bythe conditions dictated by the boat provider’s insurancecompany. The insurance applies to inland lakes, and theGöta Canal and Kinda Canal.The level of the deposit is determined of the excess forthe insurance of the particular boat. If the cost for a damageexceeds the excess, the entire deposit will be usedto pay the excess.


A/ The boat driver’s competence and experience.
Every boat has its own characteristics and the hirershould, therefore, before taking possession of the boat,read in full the appropriate manual which contains detailsof the operation and use of the boat.The hirer shall have sufficient skills to be able to manoeuvrethe hired boat in a safe manner. If, during the hireperiod, it should become apparent that the hirer is notcapable of handling the boat in a satisfactory way, theboat provider has the right to terminate the hire contract.The remaining hire charge would thereby be forfeited.

B/The use of the boat
The hirer is responsible for the care of the boat throughoutthe hire period. The hirer undertakes to take propercare of the boat and the associated equipment, and tofollow any instructions and directions provided. The hirer undertakes to take good care of the boat and itsassociated equipment as well as follow given instructionsand directions. The hirer has responsibility for the boatduring the whole hire period. Furthermore, he pledges touse the boat only for pleasure cruising. The boat shall notbe used for competition, towing, or the transport of goodsor passengers for payment (the ban on towing doesnot apply to dinghies or in an emergency). The hirer isresponsible for following applicable laws and regulations.The boat shall only be used in the areas described in theinsurance. See point 3c. The hirer undertakes not to subletthe boat or hand it over to a third party.

C/ Return of the boat
The boat shall be returned to the harbour and at the timeindicated in the hire contract. The boat shall by then beempty of crew and all personal baggage, as well as beingclean and in the condition in which it was received bythe hirer. If the hirer should be prevented from returningthe boat by the agreed time, he shall immediatelyinform the boat provider or Sea Rescue. In the case ofdelayed return, the hirer shall be charged compensationequivalent to double the agreed daily hire plus each lossincurred by the boat provider for not being able to makethe boat available to the next hirer. Weather conditionscan not be used as valid reasons for delays. If the hirerdoes not return the boat to the agreed harbour, he orshe is responsible for all costs and risks involved with thereturn transport. Whatever the circumstances, the hirermust inform the boat provider prior to return transportand where necessary pay the compensation for delaydescribed above.

D/ Action in the case of fault, breakdown, fire or theft
A boat does not function like a car or bike. Experience hasshown that it is not possible to guarantee that everythingwill work faultlessly. Even if the engine and all equipmenthas been serviced recently, something may break down.In the event of any faults, the hirer must contact the boatprovider, to ensure that the appropriate professionals canbe called in to rectify the problem. Any faults will be dealtwith as soon as possible, normally within 24 hours. Minorfaults which do not have a negative impact on the holidaycruise and which can be dealt with by the hirer do notrequire the measures specified above.If a breakdown occurs during the hire period or looseequipment is lost, the boat provider shall be informedimmediately. The boat provider shall then give instructionsregarding action to be taken. It is the responsibility of thehirer to notify the damage to the insurance company aswell as in the case of fire onboard or theft of the boat or its equipment make a report to the police and provide acopy of the report to the boat provider. Failure to completethe obligations described above leaves the hirer directlyresponsible for any resulting damage. The hirer is obligedto replace every loss of equipment or damage to the boat,in as far as these are not covered by insurance less excess.The responsibility of care described in paragraph B aboveincludes the boat not being driven any further if damageoccurs to the engine or the steering mechanism, and ifdoing so could make the damage more severe or otherwisedamage the boat.

E/ Break in service
In the case of time lost due to damage to the boat orrepairs or replacement for which the boat provider isresponsible and which has caused a serious hinder forthe use of the boat for more than 24 hours after beingreported, the hirer shall be recompensed pro rata for timesubsequently lost.

F/Impounding, levy of distraint
The hirer has absolutely no right or power of attorney toarrange or permit that the boat be impounded or taken aspayment by anybody for any reason whatsoever. The hirerundertakes to have a signed copy of the hire agreementduring travel and show it to any person(s) who mightcrave impounding or levy distraint.


A/ If the hirer cancels the boat hire earlier than 60 daysbefore the intended commencement of hire, the advancepayment will be repaid after the deduction of a servicefee of 200:- kr/booked week.

B/ If the hirer cancels the boat hire later than 60 days butearlier than 30 days before the intended commencementof hire, the advance payment is forfeited.

C/ If the hirer cancels the boat hire later than 30 days beforethe intended commencement of hire the entire hirecharge is forfeited.

D/ Instead of cancelling the hire agreement, the hirerhas however the right to hand over the hire contract toanother person found acceptable by the boat provider.


In the case of disputes concerning the interpretation orapplication of these conditions the parties shall in the firstcase try to reach a mutual agreement. If the parties do notagree, disputes shall be settled by arbitrators according to Swedish law.